The Hightower Group creates custom software for businesses. 

Their are only four reasons you should hire us to write software for you:

The software will save you time.
The software will save you money.
The software will make your business easier to operate.
The software will give you peace of mind.

There is no other reason to invest the time, money and energy into creating your own unique software.

Another way of putting this it is that we only want to work with you if we can achieve of these four goals in the software we build for you.

Software Is Frustrating!

Most software is so frustrating,  you just want to pull your hair out. Good software is hardly  noticed.  Why is software so hard to use?

Because it can’t  do exactly what is needed in a simple easy to understand way.

It keeps throwing up road blocks, or it does do what you need, but it takes a million steps to get there.

This is where The Hightower Group, Inc. comes in.

We specialize in creating easy to use software that does exactly what you need.

Wether starting a new project or updating an old system, The Hightower Group can help you build custom software that is a joy to use.

Not only is our software easy to use, but The Hightower Group is easy to use as well.

Once we agree to work together, there are three basic steps we use to create your software: