Case Studies

This particular client worked with TV ads for toy companies.  Their clients would contract with various media companies for a “flight” of ads based on specific rules.  For example an Ad might be shown four times between the hours of 3pm and 6pm Monday thru Friday.  The question was, did this really happen and if not the problem had to be addressed by either money back or credit assigned.

Key Improvements:  We added the ability to setup future Ad flights with effective and expire dates to automatically handle changing rules.  Added the ability to maintain a Ad flight revision history to both track changes and easily create new Ad flights with only minor changes.

The items we had to keep track of:

  • Clients
  • Ad Flights
  • Ad Flight Revisions
  • Media Markets
  • Media Suppliers
  • Discrepancies.
  • ISCI Codes

Again we have a unique client working on a unique business model.  There are companies that manage Ads but very few that police those Ads to make sure they are aired when they are suppose to.