Case Studies

One of our clients runs an Auto Club. They have hundreds of chapters throughout the Untied States. Many of these chapters sponsor judged auto meets once a year.  There is at least one meet running  each month someplace in the country.  The largest of these meets draws over a quarter million people.

It is hard to comprehend the number of things this kind of business needs to keep track of.  Below is a detailed list, but on a bigger picture the system needs to manage club members and manage the various meets held through out the year.

Key Improvements:  We were brought in after much of the software was already in place.  One important things we did right away was to increase the speed of the internal membership program.  The second thing we did was make major changes to their Meet Judging software to make it faster and easier to setup a meet.

In this case the software needs to track the following items:

  • Members
  • Cars
  • Car Classes
  • Car Ownership
  • Car Ownership Transfers
  • Award Types
  • Awards Won by Cars
  • Meets
  • Members attending which meets
  • Cars being judged in a meet.
  • Judges
  • Judge Credits (For training and judging duty)
  • Judges Attending a Meet
  • Judges judging a Car Class.
  • Judging Results for a meet.

To be honest these are just the tip of the iceberg. There is no software that readily handles this kind of business model.  It must be created as a custom product.