Case Studies

Our call center client contacted us when the person who created their system became unreliable. This business had a preexisting web based system that no longer matched their business model.  We had to make major changes to their system without interrupting their day to day operations.  This is a web based application with both an internal office automation component and a client facing web access portal.

Key Improvements:  Better reports to show day to day sales and income.  Faster way of handling call recordings and attaching the call recordings directly to call records.  Automatic break-down of financial payments and integration into QuickBooks.

This particular call center primarily handled First Notice of Loss insurance calls.  They not only handled the initial call, but many times connected the caller with a vendor who would address the insurance claim.  Finally they would handle the payment from the insurance company and directly pay the vendor for the work.

Some of the items we had to keep track of were:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Vendors who did repair or remediation
  • The Claims
  • The Financial details of each claim.
  • The Audio files for each phone call.
  • Documents associated with each claim, client, or vendor.
  • When specific people from Vendors are on call.
  • Which specific Vendors handle specific kinds of claims in a geographic area.
  • Sending out Emails and Faxes to Vendors alerting them to a new job

There are many different kinds of call centers out there.  This call center has a unique business model that we were able to create software to fit their needs.