Case Studies

One software products we are most proud of is the Inspection software we created for a construction company building a high rise apartment building. In this case as each apartment was nearing completion, it needed to be inspected. Each section of the apartment would be inspected. If there were problems then the specific vendors would be  contacted to correct the problem. Further, each vendor would be evaluated after the construction project to determine if there contract should be renewed.

To be honest I am not sure what the market place is for this kind of software. But we created a system that worked well for them. We kept track of the following

Key Improvements:  One key improvement was to make a direct link between the inspection items and the responsible Vendors.  This made it possible to create a report directly from the inspection software to go directly to each vendor.

The information we had to track and manage were:

  • Buildings
  • Floors
  • Rooms
  • Inspection Locations
  • Inspection Items
  • Vendors responsible for each Inspection Item
  • Issues Found
  • Vendor response to issues.
  • Re-inspections needed.

We setup the software to run on a hand held computer so all the data was collected directly into the computer system and then. Reports were printed and vendors were notified.  There was no double entry of data.