Case Studies

We have clients from many different  industries. One fun example was a Hollywood movie company.  They worked in post product of major films.  Specifically they added digital special effects. The overall process was to scan each frame into a file on a computer, process that frame and then reconstitute the frames back into the film.

Key Improvements:  Other Hollywood companies would do all the work with paper and pencil.  We worked closely with them to automated to scanning process.  This saved a huge amount of time by automatically generating programming code to create the scans and rebuilding the final product.

There were many items that “Normal” software simply does not track.

  • Reels
  • Camera Roles
  • Lab Roles
  • Key Frame In
  • Key Frame out
  • Scene
  • Scan Length
  • Scanned File Names.

This is another example of a customer software that simply does not exist in the real world.