Case Studies

The diversity of businesses out there is always surprising.  One of our clients has an  Oxygen Delivery business.  They specifically worked with vacationers on airplanes or cruise ships.  In a nutshell, their clients were travelers that needed oxygen.  Typically they would meet their clients at the airport or place the oxygen equipment in their cruise ship state room.  Our client need to maintain a relationship with the various cruise line companies, contractors who did the actually delivery and recovery of the equipment, and of course the traveler.

Key Improvements:  We setup a  web application that allows all parties to login and manage their roles.  Before this software was installed they did everything by hand with word documents.  With this system in place they had a clear system to track the work.

The items this system had to track:

  • Client s
  • Specific Orders and Travel Details
  • Cruise Lines
  • Airlines
  • Contractors
  • Oxygen Equipment
  • Notes/Issues for each order

This is not the kind of software you can find laying around.  Microsoft does not build it.  But the Hightower Group does build it.  Custom software exactly for your needs.