Ultimately the Hightower Group sells solutions.
However, our solutions are “invisible”.
They only exist in the ideas of dreams of our clients.  That is until they are brought into reality.

Advertising Policing

Case Studies
This particular client worked with TV ads for toy companies.  Their clients would contract with various media companies for a “flight” of ads based on specific rules.  For example an Ad mightRead More...

Medical Devices Trials

Case Studies
For a number of years we had a client that helped small medical device manufactures setup and conduct trials for their devices.  The Hightower Group has hired to create the software toRead More...

Call Center

Case Studies
Our call center client contacted us when the person who created their system became unreliable. This business had a preexisting web based system that no longer matched their business model.  We hadRead More...

Oxygen Delivery

Case Studies
The diversity of businesses out there is always surprising.  One of our clients has an  Oxygen Delivery business.  They specifically worked with vacationers on airplanes or cruise ships.  In a nutshell, theirRead More...

Construction Inspection

Case Studies
One software products we are most proud of is the Inspection software we created for a construction company building a high rise apartment building. In this case as each apartment was nearingRead More...

Auto Club

Case Studies
One of our clients runs an Auto Club. They have hundreds of chapters throughout the Untied States. Many of these chapters sponsor judged auto meets once a year.  There is at leastRead More...

Movie Post Production

Case Studies
We have clients from many different  industries. One fun example was a Hollywood movie company.  They worked in post product of major films.  Specifically they added digital special effects. The overall processRead More...

Process Servers

Case Studies
Process Servers work in the legal industry.  They deliver documents to individuals and organizations involved in court cases.  We created software that automates the operations of a Process Server’s entire operations. KeyRead More...

Home Warranties

Case Studies
One of our clients sold and managed home warranties to builders of new homes.   This client had to do a surprising number items including: Annual financial review of each builder The inspectionRead More...