The Solution Is not Technology
The ultimate goal of any project is the solution provided not the technology used to get here.  The Hightower Group automates business operations of a company.  The specific technology chosen to accomplish this is decided during the discovery phase of our engagement.

What Technology To Use
There are two basic criteria used for this determination what technology to use.  First, well put a lot of weight on what technology is already being employed by our client.  There is no reason to change the underlying foundation unless absolutely necessary.  It costs too much time and money.

The other criteria we look at is how the software being created will be used now and into the foreseeable future.  This mostly surrounds who will be using the software and where they will be located.

Windows, Web Application, and Mobil
At this point in time there are three classes of technology, Windows, Web and Mobil.  They each have their place and each their strengths and weaknesses.

Windows  is best used within an office environment where all users are under one roof.  It is also best used when a rich user experience is very import.  more…

Web Application
A Web Application is a web page, but with the ability to run a business.  It has some limitation compared to Windows, but it allows for either client interaction with your software or for employees to use your software from anywhere is in the world. more…

Mobile software runs on phones or tablets.  It normally does not make sense to automate an entire office using mobile apps, but there may be a very specific part of an business process that needs to be automated in this way.  Of course another reason for mobile software is for your clients to more easily access your services. more…